LinkedIn to pay 800,000 premium users $1

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LinkedIn will pay $1 to all premium members who were affected by a 2012 hack.

LinkedIn might owe you a dollar.

The professional social network will pay approximately 800,000 of its users $1.25 million-or $1 each-to settle a class-action lawsuit that claimed LinkedIn failed to protect the passwords and information of its premium subscribers between March 2006 and June 2012.

“Following the dismissal of every other claim associated with this lawsuit, LinkedIn has agreed to this settlement to avoid the distraction and expense of ongoing litigation,” LinkedIn said in a statement, according to The New York Times.

Linked in was first sued in June 2012 by premium user Katie Szpyrla when a file containing 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords was posted on a Russian hacker site. The passwords were reportedly protected with weak security, which allowed any hacker to easily reveal the code and access passwords.

The company was able to improve its security measures and assured members that the breach hadn’t cause much damage. However, LinkedIn is now paying American users who apply for a share of the fund. If not everyone who was affected applies, the pay could increase from just $1.

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